"What do U Want 4 Xmas?" is an exhibition that focuses on Portuguese video-art, showcasing pieces by artists that resided in Porto, or whose trajectory intersected this city. The exhibition is curated by Vera Carmo.




December 4, 2020



Xmas: Paiva
I will hurt you before you hurt me, vídeo still, 2003, ©Margarida Paiva
Xmas - Mendes
How Green is My Valley - Europa 2005, video still, 2005/2017 ©Paulo Mendes
Xmas - Baptista
Air Monarch, video still, ©Hernâni Reis Baptista, 2018
Xmas - Cruz
Noite na Terra, video still, ©Carla Cruz + Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa, 2006
Xmas - Olaio
What Do You Want for Christmas?, video still, ©António Olaio, 1996
Xmas - Trabulo
Escavando o Deserto, video still, ©Maria Trabulo, 2019
Xmas - Pereira
The (Distorted) Mirror, video still, ©Fernando José Pereira, 2020
Xmas - Dinis
Laura, video still, ©Tânia Dinis, 2017
Xmas - Paiva
I Will Hurt You Before You Hurt Me, Installation view, ©Margarida Paiva, 2013
Xmas - Mateus
Sim-Não, Installation view, ©Cristina Mateus, 1996

The exhibition encompasses work from the last three decades, a time when the presence of video-art in exhibition spaces became widespread.  It was during this period that, departing from its earlier stages of technical experimentation, video-art in Portugal started to question the role of the moving image in contemporary culture. We can witness the subversive appropriation of media paradigms such as the video-clip, the documentary, the advertisement spot, or the evening news, in an attempt to raise the public’s awareness of emerging and relevant political topics. Searching for subject-matter that is present accross different time-periods and bridges generations, this exhibition aims to sketch a thematic index as it simultaneously establishes a chronology.  "What do U Want 4 Xmas?" brings about a thematic stability that underlies the constant drift of technology.


We elected to group the 9 video-pieces in the exhibition under three topics, and to present them in three different moments. The first, between the 4th and the 16th of December will gather works by Carla Cruz & Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa, Maria Trabulo and Paulo Mendes  that respond directly to political events.  The works exhibited in the second moment, authored by António Olaio, Hernâni Reis Baptista and Fernando José Pereira criticize the accumulation and consumption that underpins capitalism and will be on display from December 18 to January 13. Lastly, between the 15th and  the 30th of January, the third moment calls for an analyzes of the role of women in contemporary society through the lens of Cristina Mateus, Margarida Paiva and Tânia Dinis.

What Do U Want 4 Xmas
What Do U Want 4 Xmas
What Do U Want 4 Xmas

Pátio do Bolhão 125

4000-110 Porto, Portugal


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