Online Debate

INSTITUTO, InterStruct Collective and Rampa come together to form a new hub aiming to promote debate on the colonial heritage of Porto.



March 11, 2021

"Negociadores" Postal Nº 471 . Eduardo Osório Editor, Luanda

“Post-Amnesia: Dismantling Colonial Manifestations” focuses on unveiling, thinking and questioning the traces - material and immaterial - of Porto’s colonial past. It begins with a talk series with specialists from different fields, who will share their experiences from different geographies.

 This debate proposes a reflection on the colonial legacy in Portugal from its historical and cultural dimension. Thus, hegemonic narratives and languages are questioned, while anti-colonial perspectives bring out the multiplicity of power relations and subjective experiences that have been historically marginalized.


- Sem Ofensa - Ângelo Delgado

- Onésio e a Azagaia - Onésio Intumbo

- Porto Desaparecido - Manuel de Sousa

- Moderator: Navváb Aly Danso



Pátio do Bolhão 125

4000-110 Porto, Portugal