Online Debate
Post-Amnesia 2: Urban Routes and Toponymy

INSTITUTO, InterStruct Collective and Rampa come together to form a new hub aiming to promote debate on the colonial heritage of Porto.



March 4, 2021




“Post-Amnesia: Dismantling Colonial Manifestations” focuses on unveiling, thinking and questioning the traces - material and immaterial - of Porto’s colonial past. It begins with a talk series with specialists from different fields, who will share their experiences from different geographies.

 This debate will address the “amnesia” that seems to exist in urban space and in the toponymy of streets, squares, shop signs, etc., questioning the representations that celebrate people or events related to the slave trade, colonialism and colonial war, and the absence of counter-hegemonic and decolonial representations. This debate will involve groups and initiatives that have promoted this discussion in the cities of Lisbon, Luanda and São Paulo.


- Volta Negra - Cartografia Negra

- African Lisbon Tour - Naky Gaglo

- Rota dos Escravos - Associação KALU

- Moderator: Isabeli Santiago


Post-Amnesia 2: Urban Routes and Toponymy
Post-Amnesia 2: Urban Routes and Toponymy
Post-Amnesia 2: Urban Routes and Toponymy

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