Online Debate
Post-Amnesia 2: Hurban Routes and Toponimy

INSTITUTO, InterStruct Collective and Rampa come together to form a new hub aiming to promote debate on the colonial heritage of Porto.



March 4, 2021


“Post-Amnesia: Dismantling Colonial Manifestations” focuses on unveiling, thinking and questioning the traces - material and immaterial - of Porto’s colonial past. It begins with a talk series with specialists from different fields, who will share their experiences from different geographies.


The debates will be streamed on Interstruct Collective’s Facebook page and Instituto’s and Rampa’s youtube channels. The links will be published on this event. The sessions will be held in Portuguese, and a version with English subtitles will be made available to the public later on.


The project is part of VAHA, an initiative of Anadolu Kültür and MitOst e.V., funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Cultural Foundation. VAHA partner consortium is in a collaboration with the iac Berlin to implement a series of ‘thematic workshops and network meetings’. The organisation also thanks the support from Chrest Foundation.

 Debate #2 - Tours and Toponymy

- Volta Negra - Cartografia Negra

- African Lisbon Tour - Naky Gaglo

- Rota dos Escravos - Associação KALU

- Moderação: Isabeli Santiago



Pátio do Bolhão 125

4000-110 Porto, Portugal