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INSTITUTO, InterStruct Collective and Rampa come together to form a new hub aiming to promote debate on the colonial heritage of Porto.



February 25, 2021



Monumento ao Esforço colonizador Português e Palácio das Colónias - Exposição Colonial, 1934, Porto

“Post-Amnesia: Dismantling Colonial Manifestations” focuses on unveiling, thinking and questioning the traces - material and immaterial - of Porto’s colonial past. It begins with a talk series with specialists from different fields, who will share their experiences from different geographies.

 The debates will be streamed on Interstruct Collective’s Facebook page and Instituto’s and Rampa’s youtube channels. The links will be published on this event. The sessions will be held in Portuguese, and a version with English subtitles will be made available to the public later on.

This debate proposes to reflect on commemorative structures, based on their symbolic potential, and on the public interest in their construction and preservation. The debate will be centered on the analysis of existing monuments in the public space that perpetuate colonial narratives, as well of monuments that offer a counter-narrative to the dominant one, based on specific cases in the cities of Lisbon, Porto and São Paulo.


- Memorial à Escravatura - Beatriz Gomes Dias, Djass

- Monumento ao Esforço Colonizador Português - Bárbara Neves Alves

- Imagens de Controle e Monumentos - Felipe Moreira

- Moderator: Mamadou Ba


Post-Amnesia 1: Monuments and Memorials
Post-Amnesia 1: Monuments and Memorials
Post-Amnesia 1: Monuments and Memorials

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