Future Archives: Beyond Representation

Future Archives: Beyond Representation is an exhibition of sculpture, video and photography by Mónica de Miranda.



October 14, 2022



Postcolonial contemporary art narratives before the re-ordering of the pandemic is/was dominated by ideas around representation, identity and how others are received and perceived with regard to a centralised Western ideal— always one more thing but never enough. These were metabolised through posturing and postulations around futures, reflections on the past and framing of identities towards or against a centralised monocultural archetype and celebrations of anomie as counter-conduct but still as a reflection of and refraction away from the hierarchies of our common colonial histories.The postcolonial world that Monica de Miranda embodies in Future Archives goes beyond mere representation and is one of consanguinities, proximities, interdependence and familial collaborations. In the new world proposed by Monica de Miranda at Rampa, de Miranda offers a daring, pseudo-history catalysed through dialogical conversations on what is truly important.Future archives goes beyond virtue signalling and presents a narrative that provides a reflection of our new postcolonial world; one that does not pretend to decolonise but repairs, mends and heals through dialogue and community.Rampa is supported by Direção Geral das Artes, Ministério da Cultura and Criatório/Câmara Municipal do Porto.

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