cutting Glass wreaths

"cutting Glass wreaths" is a solo exhibition by Marcelo Reis curated by Vera Carmo.



April 21, 2023



Take, installation view #1; Rampa 2023.
Take, installation view #2; Rampa 2023.
Take, installation view #3; Rampa 2023.
Take, Detail view #1; Rampa 2023.
Salon, installation view #1; Rampa 2023.
Salon, installation view #2; Rampa 2023.
Salon, installation view #3; Rampa 2023.

Philosopher Frédéric Neyrat was recently in Lisbon for a conference during which he pointed out, with a certain concern, a new phenomenon in human history: for the first time, communication between machines has surpassed communication between human beings.  He noted that - besides the increase in interface-mediated communication - even in a face-to-face encounter, some nearby device collects data and instantly feeds the algorithms that, in turn, will dictate access to online content. This results in a "bubble effect": certain topics and perspectives appear repeatedly, while others simply fade out altogether. In short, each one sees his or her worldview, fears and concerns continually reasserted.
"cutting Glass wreaths" has its origin in a complimentary consideration of Neyrat's ideas: digital illiteracy. That is, the inability to really understand how the successive encodings that constitute the "new real" are processed. The works on display rehearse an interruption in the flow of encryptions, presenting a visualisation of the algorithm, though not allowing access to the original written text. However, the title of the exhibition provides a clue: the three words are there somewhere. The public is thus encouraged to participate in an impossible "esquisite corpse". The information is missed. Reality escapes. Each one remains alone in each attempt at interpretation. It is the ultimate experience of subjectivity, which results in alienation.

cutting Glass wreaths
cutting Glass wreaths
cutting Glass wreaths

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