Canal180: 8th Anniversary

Canal180 will celebrate its 8th birthday in 8 days and we want to invite you to the party! On April 25th we will celebrate with music from João Pais Filipe and Fuinki at RAMPA Porto. Join us and take a look at what we have been doing and at what's to come.
Open to the public.



April 25, 2019


Canal180 aims to construct a real community of artists. Identifying new and established artists through the 180ID series. Making a clear moment of gathering with 180 Creative Camp, where off the wall connections are made, promoting working partnerships and lay foundations for a next generation of creators.

Canal180 started broadcasting on April 2012. Over the last decade, Canal180 became not only a TV channel, but morphed into an ecosystem of broadcast, events, screenings and social media communication, delivering a multilayered discourse about worldwide cultural topics.


Pátio do Bolhão 125

4000-110 Porto, Portugal