Hernâni Reis Baptista

Hernâni Reis Baptista (Vila do Conde, Portugal, 1986). Lives and works in Porto

Hernâni Reis Baptista holds a degree in Multimedia, from the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. He Works mainly with installation, sculpture and video. Concerns regarding the artificial dimension of contemporary life - in particular alluding to the cult of the body and its relation with performance in the physical, economic or social context - cut across his body of work.

Hernâni Reis Baptista exhibits regularly since 2011. Selected solo exhibitions: Parrahasius's Curtain(Sismógrafo, Porto, 2019), Zeuxis Grapes (Casa das Artes, Porto, 2019), The Confession of the Flesh (Kubik Gallery, Porto, 2018), T-1000 (Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2015).

Selected group shows: Shiu! O Diálogo do Silêncio (Bienal Anozero, Coimbra, 2019), Focus: Portugal (Art Toronto, Canada, 2019), Anuário: uma visão retrospectiva da arte no Porto (Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto 2018).

His work is represented in private and public collections, namelyFrances Reynolds Collection, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto Collection.

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